T-minus 15 days ’til Brighton!

…and I couldn’t be happier! How exciting! This time the shop apprentice, Adrian, will be bumping along with me to be the run-boy for our booth (definition of run boy: “Get me beer! Where’s my tubes? Why the fuck hasn’t anyone brought us a new garbage bag? Find me something tastier than a hot dog!”) and we’re excited to have him. Can’t wait to share our booth with Burlton, Antoine, Ludo, Alex, Josh, Miles, Dan Sinnes, and Rude. Which brings me back to the Parc Floral days… enjoy the pics!
Wellard and LudoBurlton tattooing AntoineDan Sinnes being a goofAntoine throwing the goatA shot from inside the 2nd La Main Bleue locationSweet Shark Tattoo by Liz


One response to “T-minus 15 days ’til Brighton!

  1. yeah nice pics … good times in paris .. take care .. i hope i see you soon ….. cheers

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