Sunday Line-up

Hi everyone!

We’re going to be opening up on Sundays, starting March 7th. Lizzie and Adrian take these days off and we’ll be hosting Toronto artist Lisa Vanin – a welcomed new face on Harbord Street. Everyone should check out her website and consider booking a sweet tattoo with her, as she’s booking up fast!

SWORDS by Lisa Vanin @ Speakeasy (647) 378-2481

In other news, our summer guest artists are all confirmed and currently being booked. Check back here often for official announcements and information you can use for bookings, as well as banners you can post on your own blog or myspace page to help promote great tattooing in Toronto! It really is an exceptional opportunity to be able to be tattooed by these artists without having to travel or invest the time and money into hotels and transport. Call us at 647 378 2481 or email if you have any questions about who/when/etc.

And Adrian is still looking to work on apprentice tattoos! He’s getting real zippy with that liner, and won’t be offering the freebies much longer, so if it was on your mind, better act soon!


One response to “Sunday Line-up

  1. Amazing work – would totally come in if I wasn’t a broke piece ashit

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