How Our Telephone Blew Up…

We have had an overwhelming response to Adrian’s offers of free tattoos, and he has been booking up quickly. We’re still responding to all requests, so emailing with “apprentice tattoo” in the subject line is still the best way to request any information about these appointments, but once his schedule fills up, some will be responded to with small, reasonable quotes.

In other news, our shop size is expanding and we’re all pretty excited to rush in spring. Lots more bikes on Harbord and people pushing the layers down to a few minimum have inspired us to have a shop garage sale, on the 2nd Sunday of April (the 11th). Lots of clothes, shoes, sweet knick knackery, and the usual gear inside (prints, buttons).

Hope to see everyone there! And don’t forget, Lisa Vanin starts this Sunday, March the 7th @ noon. We’ll have some snacks and drinks for anyone who wants to come by and check out her portfolio or talk to her about new work. If you’re just there to say hi, don’t touch the goddamned snacks.



One response to “How Our Telephone Blew Up…

  1. Now ya see that is just fucking sick. I’d like to find that decease and give him a 12 gauge vaccination in the side of the fucking head. What the fuck is wrong with people!?!?!

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