We try to make good choices about who we buy supplies from in Canada and we just made our first order from Good Guy Supply. Not only did he sense the urgency in my message (LOL) and call us back on a Sunday to help us replace our kaput power supply, but he shipped it right away, was really great to talk to on the phone, uber helpful, and then look what shows up in the box:


Seriously, he sent so much awesome free gear. I’m going to mess around with the needles, and post my thoughts in the Eikon Alternative Supply forum on facebook for anyone who reads that forum.

In other exciting news, our new power supply is awesome. Last year some people I met in Europe were all jazzed on this little slim supply, and were buying them up at the Paris convention. I had heard of several people getting more interested in power supplies – something you don’t really hear of people tinkering with or changing all that much. Then Tattoo Artist Magazine had a 3 part review of them and not one person didn’t have a great experience. The manual is all of 3 pages long and the machine itself has what may seem to the more purist of the bunch to be gimmicky features (stop watch, continuous power supply to pedal machine, 6 machine pre-sets), you can’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Yesterday was one of the easier days I’ve had tattooing beacuse of the new supply. It magnetically mounts to the side of your cart and can be easily covered with a machine bag.

Anyway, for any other tattooers that may read this, you should invest now and buy one. Do yourself a favour before you 5 year old supply gets damaged unexpectedly. Put it away while it’s still in good shape and save it for a rainy day! But the Critical CX-2 rules.


One response to “GOODGUYSUPPLY.COM

  1. I love Good guy, Doug is the best. Their disposables are all I use now. And I am happy with the colours that they arte producing as well.

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