This has been happening to me less and less nowadays with bigger deposits being taken and more staff being responsible for who comes in and who doesn’t…

Completely failing to show up for your appointment without calling, emailing, or giving anyone here at the shop any notice is just terrible. We do our best to be prepared and ready for every client when they come in and we need at least 24 hours notice to be able to change our schedules around and ensure that the shop can still make its minimum for the day so that people can get paid and eat and pay bills. Sometimes 24 hours notice doesn’t even give us enough, but hell, we want to be reasonable people don’t we? And we respect that our customers can’t afford to throw away big deposits in emergency situations.

Somehow though, there is still a large population of people who seemingly have a compulsion to not come in for the time they reserve for me, and it’s infuriating.

Today is my last day operating with my old system. We simply cannot keep appointments for clients who are not serious about my time, or the time that my other list of clients would like to book in at Speakeasy.

Therefore, be advised that we are now zero-tolerance with no-show appointments. We reserve the right to define a no-show appointment as 20+ minutes late without communication from the client. Once this has happened, your artwork is property of the shop and can be used in any form we see fit, even if it’s making t-shirts that say “JOE SUCKS FOR NOT COMING IN ON APRIL 23rd,” or personal use such as flash sheets, until you come in and pre-pay to have your tattoo completed.

See why we can’t have nice things everyone? Because someone always has to jump in and smash them to bits.


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