For those who check the blog often, this is a head’s up to let you know that on the next upcoming Friday the 13th (which is in August), we will be doing especiale Friday the 13th tattoos for only $50 all day long! Pick from tons of flash designs and be in and out in half an hour!

(647) 378 2481 or for any questions.


3 responses to “FRIDAY THE 13TH, THIS AUGUST

  1. question, can i have examples of your flash designs you are speaking of for thia wonderful event? please and thank you.

    • speakeasytattoo

      Sorry for the late response! We may post the sheets before the date, or we may leave ’em as a fun surprise!

  2. Have you decided if you’re keeping the flash a surprise or not?
    Coming down to check it out either way

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