Congrats lizzie!!!

We are just FAR too busy here at the old tattoo shop, and to cut down our wait times we are now extending our hours!

SPEAKEASY TATTOO will now be open ‘TIL 10 PM, 6 DAYS OF THE WEEK! (Sundays we’ll be closing at 6)

We hope that this makes our growing clientele happy and cuts down the long wait times for our artists. In addition, you can now get tattooed after your 9 – 5 work day, without having to book anything off far in advance or scramble for those in-demand Saturday appointmtents. Win/Win/Win!

And as always, walk ins are always available at Speakeasy, 7 days of the week. Come anytime and we’ll get you in poste haste!
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Congrats lizzie!!!


We haven’t posted a funny video in a long time…

This blog has become far too serious and informational. Here we are:

New Full-Time Staff Member

Speakeasy is very lucky to have well-known Toronto artist Jenn Liles joining the full-time staff. She has been at Queen Street’s iconic TCB for a few years and is moving to our shop at 299 Harbord Street beginning on the 30th of March. We’d like to invite our awesome clientele who may not have seen her work yet to check out her portfolio and come by to welcome her. Any on-going clients or people looking to continue work can reach her easily by calling 647 378 2481. We will be booking for her beginning today, although she does not start, as previously mentioned, until the 30th of March.

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From the brain of Lizzie Renaud

Here are a couple of drawings that lizzie has done, and are ready to be tattooed on some lucky so and so.
Give the shop a call to claim them. (click image for larger image)

647 378 2481

The summer guest spots begin!

As you know, Speakeasy is already honoured to be hosting Adam Sage of Brighton for all of March and the first week of April, as well as another close friend to the shop, Steven Burlton.

The newest addition to our guest artist lineup is very exciting. Nick Colella of Chicago Tattoo Company in Illinois is going to be with us from the 5th of May through ’til the 10th. All of us at Speakeasy feel honoured to have him here in Toronto, and hope you will come and celebrate the spring weather with a traditional tattoo from one of the industry’s best.

Check out this GREAT interview by Scott Sylvia of, where they touch on the Huck Spaulding-mole-cover-up system and Ol’ Timey poker hat crap:

And please take a few minutes to click through some of these images we’ve pilfered from his site and facebook as an introduction to the “Sultan of Script” and his work. Remember to go see his portfolio and dial us up at (647) 378-2481 to book your spot.

Lizzie tattooing in New York

Lizzie will be working at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn, this April from the 6th until the 10th. You can email the shop at, or contact Three Kings by any of the means listed on their website.

We’ll make updates when the schedule is full!